Bondi Ink featured in Lawless Magazine with the Metal Monkey Engineering custom cruiser bike on show

Having the opportunity to build this amazing bike for Bondi Ink, its great to see they still love it. the Bondi Ink bike sits proudly out the front of the Bondi Ink shop everyday.

A link to the full article can be found here

"With a well-known TV series based on the Bondi Ink studio it’s easy to be caught up in the everyday happenings and drama of a studio.

Based in one of the worlds most iconic beach locations a lot of attention is given to the studio’s location or it’s clientele and many of you average punters may be put off by the studios high profile but lets not loose sight of the fact it is just a studio (well maybe not just) and the foundations of a studio is it’s artists and without good artists you have nothing!....."

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