MME Signature Grills have finally arrived

The long awaited first MME Signature Grills is now complete and available for sale.

The MME Signature Grills are designed and built in Australia by Metal Monkey Engineering and completely constructed from 304 Stainless Steel (with the exclusion of the rustic external bolt on panels on our first model which have been sealed clear).

This grill comprises of 3 different Stainless Steel cooking surfaces with height being adjusted by a chain driven crank system allowing for smooth easy to use operation.

The Grills are made up of 3 main sections:

· Heavy duty Parilla Grill with chain driven crank system

· 25mm alumina firebrick lined fire pit with Insulated external walls, base and door

· Stainless steel Cabinet with heavy duty alloy castors

Height : 1720mm x Length : 1200mm x Depth : 740mm

Other features include:

o Round Grill Plate – 485mm x 320mm

o V Grill Plate (with removable drip tray) – 485mm x 290mm

o Hot Plate – 485mm x 235mm

o Removable warmer tray with 2 different height settings – 865mm x 200mm

o Removable ash and waste tray

o Adjustable 30kg Rotisserie

o 2x collapsible stainless steel side benches

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